English the global language essay

Adding to that, a number of English words are borrowed from many other languages and many English words are adopted in other languages and are used as part of their own language.

1. Introduction

Furthermore, English is the language of technology. To make the best use of internet knowing English is necessary. Also, any international meeting will be probably done in English. It also makes tourism easy, as it helps in better understanding among the people. However, many fear that English as a global language would result in the extinction of local cultures which are inter related with regional languages.

Moreover, it is bounded to be divided into dialects. Another drawback is that the works of many authors and writers who are belonging to different territories become incomprehensible. In conclusion, I believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages in globalizing English language. In future, the demand for English would rise as more number of people are learning this language and would decrease the nation barrier. This essay will attempt to present the benefits and drawbacks while providing a conclusion.

Essay – Will English Remain the Global Language In The Future?

English as a language has brought humanity closer. Further, the advent of English has bridged physical distances and lot of tourism flourishes primarily because of accessibility and removal of a language barrier. H owever, the invasion of English is not bereft of drawbacks. This has impacted the local culture and tradition. So, since these are very closely linked to the regional languages. The local vernacular is dying a natural death since there are no takers for it. Even the priceless literature work by maestros in local languages is not getting due acknowledgment and credit.

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Since very little is left of the population who understand the language. For instance, several regional classics are getting lost since the youngsters are not interested in reading them due to regional language challenges. Going by the above views, it will be good to continue with English as a global language. Also, the future generations will be able to enjoy the best of both the worlds. Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate and resolve the issue within 48 hours.

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    • Thus, today English becomes need of people and we do not have real alternative of it. In conclusion, English is the global language as most of business transaction, international meetings and trading done in English and it is really hard to find alternative of English.

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      To begin with, the academic curriculum in schools and colleges across the world has made English as their mandatory language.

      Need and Importance of English Language

      This enables students from different countries to study in different locations. All those who have been taught in English are working in multinational companies with their employees from various regions of Earth.

      A change in the language of communication will create misunderstanding among them and will make it nearly impossible to work together. Further, to achieve international peace and coexistence, there is strong need for one common world language and English has come very close to it.

      Essay - Will English Remain the Global Language In The Future?

      For example, in case of natural calamities that can affect more than one country, warnings and instructions can be understood by all if communicated in English. Moreover, English is now the language of business, pop culture, cinema, literature, public announcements, news, marketing, medical procedures and so on. Any attempt to replace English with some other language in all of these fields will be a very tedious task. To conclude, looking at the current widespread of English Language, it will remain as the dominant international language through globalization.

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      A Global Language English Language Essay

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