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The discussion should address the following cultural and contextual considerations: In what ways do time and place matter to this work?

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What was easy to understand and what was difficult to understand in relation to social and cultural context and issues? What connections did you find between issues in the work and you own culture s and experience? What aspects of technique are interesting in the work? At least one oral must be completed in relation to each work studied in Part 1. Minimum time for discussion of each work studied is 30 minutes.

Stage 2: The Reflective Statement. The Reflective Statement is a short piece of writing that all students must complete.

Paper 1: Receptive Skills

It explores how the interactive oral helped in their understanding of the work under consideration. One reflective statement will be submitted to the IB. Since three works are studied in this part of the course there will be at least three interactive orals and therefore at least three reflective statements. The student must submit the reflective statement that is based on the same work as their final literary essay. Some important elements to remember about the Reflective Statement are: It is a short writing exercise completed as soon as possible following the interactive oral.

Each student must provide a reflection on each of the interactive orals. Length: words. Assessment: A mark out of 3 is awarded using assessment criterion A. Stage 3: Supervised Writing. The supervised writing exercises take place once the study of each work is completed. By the end of this unit of study the students will have three pieces of supervised writing - one for each work. The students generate a piece of writing based on one of three or four teacher created prompts that focus on important elements of the work under consideration.

The pieces of supervised writing are not submitted to the IB but must be kept on file at the school until final graduation. The IB may ask to see a student's supervised writing if questions of authenticity are raised. Therefore, it is vital that there is a connection between the supervised writing and the final literary essay. Some important elements to remember about the Supervised Writing are: From this writing the student should develop a topic and the final essay.

The ultimate goal of this stage is for the student to produce good essays with an appropriate topic.

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Students are required to respond to each one of the works studied in a written exercise undertaken during class time. Time for each piece of writing is between minutes. The writing must be continuous prose. There is no set format, but the writing must be in full sentences. At the end of the lesson the writing must be handed to the teacher and an unedited copy will be kept on file until graduation.

The student will be given 3 to 4 prompts for each work studied and must respond to one. The student will choose one of these pieces of Supervised Writing and develop that into the essay required for submission. There must be an apparent connection between the Supervised Writing and the final essay.


Length: No specified length. Stage 4: Production of the Essay The final product of the Written Assignment process is to develop a literary essay on ONE of the works studied in this part. Your teacher can help you to a certain extent, but there are rules for how much your teacher can get involved:. While the IB markers do pay attention to your structure, there is no formula for the Works in Translation Written Assignment. However, if you want some guidelines, check out the Five-Paragraph Essay Structure here. Keep in mind that the Written Assignment has a word count: - words.

Written task 2 (HL only)

If you write fewer than words, your grade will suffer. If you write more than , you'll have a problem because the marker will stop reading at word So your amazing W O W finish will not be considered. A lot of students get so hung up on word count that they don't pay attention to the rest of the factors surrounding the grading of their work. Here's Nerdvark's tip for word count: first, follow the writing process.

Paper 1: Receptive Skills

You may have already done a PLAN for your essay. If not, do it next. The five-paragraph essay structure is a great outline. When you've finished your first draft, check the word count. If you have too few words, look for places where you need to add details. No description. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Report abuse. More presentations by clarisse couturier Journey to IB.

written assignment ib word count

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