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To a modern reader with no context, the meanings may be lost. However, to someone reading shortly after publication, the meanings would be obvious.

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His views on religion seem to change, while his appreciation for thinkers is a common theme in both works. The key connection between the two is in the final statement of Candide and the final letter in Letters. Simi Singh Ms. Russell Humor and Satire H Sept.

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In other words, how did Voltaire incorporate. The the novella, Voltaire portrays the idea of Optimism as being illogical and absurd. In Candide, Voltaire satirizes the doctrine of Optimism, an idea that was greatly used during the Enlightenment time period by philosophers.

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In this narrative, Candide is a young man who goes through a series of undertakings and ventures around the the globe where he experiences evil and adversity. Throughout his journeys, Candide maintained the ideas of. Candide is an optimistic individual, and his story explains the view of Optimistic Philosophy.

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